Deputy Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews

Deputy Mark Andrews holds a master peace officer license and is a TCOLE certified instructor. He began
his career as a dispatcher for Boerne Police Department, graduated from the academy in 2001, and
became a Deputy in Comal County in 2002. In 2007, Deputy Andrews moved to the Hays County Sheriff’s
Office and is currently assigned to the Community Outreach Unit.
Over the course of his 23-year career, he has worked in several different capacities, including patrol,
environmental crimes, and crime prevention. Deputy Andrews obtained his Certified Crime Prevention
Specialist certificate in 2018 and enjoys working with the community in all aspects of his current
Over the summer of 2022, Hays County experienced the loss of several high school-aged children due to
fentanyl poisonings. In response, the Sheriff’s Office formed a task force to include other area law
enforcement agencies and the DEA. Sheriff Cutler tasked Deputy Andrews to learn everything he could
possibly learn and present that information to as many people as possible. Deputy Andrews joined Janel
Rodriguez, the founder of the forever15project who lost her son to fentanyl in 2022, to bring a very
emotional and moving presentation to anyone and everyone. Together they have presented to more
than 25,000 students and adults in more than 350 presentations.