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Ryan Hutton

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Ryan Hutton is a full-time law enforcement officer for the state of Missouri.  He created Extract-ED Training, which provides training to law enforcement, prosecutors, and civilian entities on various topics, including marijuana, drug trends, drug impairment, officer wellness, and leadership.  He has given presentations on drug impairment for the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services, the Colorado District Attorneys Council, the New Hampshire Office of Highway Safety, the Florida Coalition for Highway Safety, and the National Life Savers Conference.  He is the lead Medical Marijuana instructor for the state of Missouri, Missouri Office of Prosecution Services, University of Central Missouri, and Missouri Southern State University. He was awarded Officer of the Year in 2013 by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Trooper of the Year in 2017, by the Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Advisory Council.  


karen williams

Karen Williams

Speaker and Author
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Karen Williams, MSSW, is a writer and speaker known for her ability to explain the latest neuroscience and apply it to real life. Her current focus is on three areas: brain development and behavior; the impact of substances, stress, trauma and traumatic brain injury on development and behavior; and the developmental readiness of youth to protect themselves. Her presentations and workshops are based on the research of many leaders in the field of brain and youth studies. She is the developer of the brain-based SAMHSA Model Program curriculum Protecting You/Protecting Me, and the "brain-friendly and trauma-informed" Positive Behavior in School and Society (PBSS), a joint project of Rainbow Days, Inc. and AT&T. She is the recipient of the 2012 Mental Health America of Greater Dallas Prism Award and a consultant to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency and Prevention (OJJDP) State Training and Technical Assistance Center (STTAC).


Sheriff Mike Lewis

Sheriff Mike Lewis

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Sheriff Lewis retired as a Sergeant with the Maryland State Police Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement Team (PACE) after twenty-two years of loyal and dedicated service.  In addition to his duties as the agency’s leading Drug Interdiction Expert, Sheriff Lewis was directly responsible for the training and educating of all Maryland State Police personnel in the Criminal Interdiction Venue or “looking beyond the initial traffic stop” while enforcing Maryland’s traffic laws.

Sheriff Lewis remains a certified instructor through the Maryland Police Training Commission, and a certified Master instructor through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

He pioneered the Drug Interdiction Program along Maryland’s notorious U.S. Rt. 13 corridor, coordinating many multi-jurisdictional investigations following the seizures of large amounts of illegal contraband. 

During his twenty-two years as a Maryland State Trooper, he made many nationally recognized seizures of COCAINE found hidden inside electronically controlled compartments within motor-vehicles along the East Coast.

Sheriff Lewis has trained tens of thousands of law enforcement officers extensively throughout the United States and Canada as well as other parts of the world to include; Australia, London, Germany, Russia & the West Indies.   Sheriff Lewis has been judicially recognized by the federal & state courts of this country as an EXPERT in the areas of Traffic Stops, Highway Interdiction, Hidden Compartments & Drug Valuation.

Retired from the Maryland State Police on July 1st, 2006, he was elected SHERIFF of Wicomico County, Maryland on November 7th2006, and is currently serving his 4th consecutive, 4-year term.  Sheriff Lewis serves a county of over 105,000 citizens, along with 96 sworn deputies, and five canine handlers.

Sheriff Lewis is past President of the Maryland State Sheriff’s Association where he served the interests of 23 fellow sheriffs and nearly 2000 deputies from across the State of Maryland. 


The Tall Cop

The Tall Cop

Director / Owner
Speaker Bio

Standing at 6’9”, Jermaine Galloway can look intimidating. But in fact, he’s a devoted, passionate man who cares about America’s (and beyond) youth and communities. That passion informs what he does with Tall Cop Says Stop™.

Now a Texan by choice, Officer Galloway worked in Idaho law enforcement for over 18 years.  His various assignments have included:

  • Alcohol compliance and enforcement
  • Crime scene investigation
  • DUI task force
  • Officer mentoring
  • Field training officer

He has trained fellow officers, judges, educators, community leaders, and many others in issues relating to drug and alcohol abuse. These issues include:

  • Alcohol laws
  • Drug/alcohol trends
  • Drug identifiers, logos, and clothing
  • Drug legalization
  • Party patrols
  • Party drugs
  • Synthetic drugs
  • Inhalants 
  • Drug concentrates
  • Cough medicine abuse
  • Alcohol and energy drinks
  • Drug concealment
  • Fake IDs
  • Non-traditional alcohol consumption methods
  • Drugs/alcohol and popular music

Jermaine Galloway has published articles in American Police Beat Magazine and various newspapers. In 2015, his program You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know™ was highlighted in the book Clearing the Haze by Dr. Christian Thurstone and Christine Tatum.

Officer Jermaine Galloway has received such prestigious honors as:

  • 2009: National Law Enforcement Partner of the Year award from Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)
  • 2010: National Mickey Sadoff Underage Drinking Award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
  • 2014: National Liquor Law Enforcement Association’s (NLLEA) innovative project award (given to Boise Police Department for Galloway-led 10-10 Zone initiative)
  • 2015: National and international award for American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) for work and training on fake IDs and underage drinking
  • 2017: National Enrique Camarena Drug Awareness Award from the National Elks Drug Awareness program
  • 2018: Law Enforcement Partner Award from the New York State STOP-DWI Foundation for his statewide efforts to prevent and educate law enforcement on drug-impaired drivers


David Gomez

David Gomez

Police Officer
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Officer Gomez has been at the forefront of educating parents and kids about the many dangers of social media on electronic devices.  Officer Gomez has been a school resource officer for seven years and works in the schools with the age groups that are most affected by digital devices.  Officer Gomez uses his collective information to come up with best practice tips for parents and their kids to stay safe in a new world of digital citizenship.