Deputy Alex Graham

DWI Enforcement Deputy
Sheriff's Office

Alex Graham is a Deputy Sheriff with a large metropolitan Sheriff's Office in Minnesota.  Alex is currently entering his 10th year of Full time LE Experience. He is a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor and has been a DRE since 2015 and a DRE Instructor  and SFST Instructor since 2016. Alex started his Law Enforcement Career in the State of Colorado as a Deputy Sheriff and a Police Officer before moving to a major metropolitan department in Minnesota in 2016 where he served as a collateral duty to patrol work as the lead DWI Training Instructor. Alex has two awards from Mother's Against Drunk Driving, one from the MADD Chapter in Colorado for Outstanding Individual Dedication to DWI Enforcement. The Second, from the MN Chapter for Drugged Driving Enforcement. Among other awards and recognitions Alex is a 5 time DWI All Star in Minnesota, and has over 540 DWI Arrests. He currently serves as a full time DWI Enforcement Deputy for the Sheriff's Office.