Old Drugs, New Threats

One of the most dangerous public perceptions has to be “I did it when I was a kid and I turned out fine.” Fast forward a few decades...where we find some of the most popular trends filling headlines and flooding socials are in classes all their own. Novel and re-imagined products and devices pose new threats to the next generation of teens and young adults. Awareness is only part of the solution, but it is going to take the entire community to address this growing trend. Attend this session to learn more about the latest in the growing youth drug trends, products and devices; what works (and perhaps more importantly what doesn’t) in prevention; how to engage the community (& your coalition); and walk away with the soundbites that will help you in your efforts.

Learning Goals:
- Attendees will learn the basics of addiction, factors that hinder recovery, and the paradigm shift from abuse to misuse.
- Attendees will learn how substance use has changed over time, including the latest trends in use, products, and devices that are available in your community.
- Attendees will learn how to maximize and generate resources in their community to address trends, including what works and what doesn’t in prevention.

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