Moving Beyond the Substance of the Day- Getting to Real Solutions

For years we have chased the substance of the moment. From heroin in the 70's, crack cocaine in the 80's, pain pills in the 90's, and the 2000's then back to heroin in the 2010's to the chemical concoture of the day we are faced with now. Yes there is a long history of the pharmaceutical companies playing prey to a culture that was ripe for the literal killing. But why was is so easy to take out over 100,000 a year on opiates, let alone the 108,000 on alcohol? We were ripe for the taking!  If we continue to do what we always did, we will continue to get what we always got. It's time we talk about the effective ways we can help communities come together to heal and the specific role law enforcement, coalition members, parents and community play. There is not one solution, yet what there is are proven and effective strategies that have worked to create community change and reduce substance misuse, overdose, suicide and more and create healthier outcomes and opportunites for all.

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