Forget Stressed Out- We are Burned Out- How the Opioid Crisis Did Us In!

It is no secret the Opioid Crisis and COVID-19 took its toll, bringing many through an emotional roller coaster. Those first responders, teachers, leaders of organizations, large and small, found themselves feeling compassion fatigue from hearing challenge after challenge in oftentimes broken systems. Those in the helping fields have been exposed to intense stressors and traumatic experiences daily. Law Enforcement and those that help face not only trauma exposure from the communities they serve, but they also faced their own uncertainties and hardships caused by both pandemics. Early death, divorce, suicide, and addiction were no strangers to some.

Come learn how to address vicarious trauma and plan for your own mental well-being to continue this essential work. This workshop will create an intentional space to explore solutions to cope with second-hand trauma. This session will focus on personal development and leadership and how to leverage that to positively impact others.

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