The Pain Game: Looking for the Quick Fix

Physical and psychological discomfort, anxiety, distress and pain (distress/pain) have a large number of overlaps in our brain and throughout our body, but especially in the area of our distress/pain-relieving "bio-chemistry".  "Bio-chemistry" refers to the chemicals that we make inside our own bodies.  Most addiction is associated with relief-seeking behaviors.  People have used alcohol and marijuana for centuries to self-medicate, risking addiction.  But one can become “addicted” or “dependent” on our own bio-chemicals as well as those drugs/medications that mimic them. The first hour of this session examines how our distress/pain relieving bio-chemicals work in our body; the second focuses on ways to trigger the release of our distress/pain-relieving bio-chemicals, thereby mitigating (reducing the impact of) our discomfort, anxiety, distress, and pain.  This content is pertinent to prevention, intervention, and treatment.   

Participants will be able to: 

  1. Name the 6 major bio-chemicals that are designed to help us manage physical and psychological discomfort, anxiety, distress, and pain (distress/pain)
  2. Name two of examples of distress/pain relieving "drugs" and our matching bio-chemicals that they mimic 
  3. Name at least one example of a disease/disorder attributable to misuse of our distress/pain-relieving bio-chemicals  
  4. Name at least two examples of healthy distress/pain-management techniques that stimulate our distress/pain-relieving bio-chemistry
  5. Name at least one distress/pain-management technique they will employ and teach
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