Brain Chemistry: It’s What Drugs of Abuse Mess With

Each of the drugs we are talking about at this conference is an “external psychoactive substance”, i.e., something that we take into our bodies to change our perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and/or our behavior.  All these drugs - - whether acquired off the street or prescribed - - only work because they match one or more of our own human nerve receptors for our own “internal psychoactive chemicals”. The problem is that most of us know nothing about our basic neurochemistry – our brain chemistry - - or that there are ways to increase or decrease our internal doses of our own psychoactive chemicals, so we want/need less – or none of these external substances.  This is called practical science.

Objectives:  Participants will be able to – 

Define “external psychoactive substances” and “internal psychoactive chemistry”

Match at least one naturally occurring “internal psychoactive chemical” to its “external psychoactive substance”

Name at least one action that is proven to increase our calming/healing “internal psychoactive chemicals”.  

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